Sunday, August 5, 2018

MLB The Show 2016

I know this one doesn't qualify as an "older " sports game as It It Is only a couple of years old,but I had to write this post due to the amount of angst this game has caused me.Holy crap,where do I begin?

This past winter ,I received my first ,somewhat, next gen system.A PS3. Naturally, I was going to add the most recent MLB title available  so  MLB The Show 16 It is.Up until playing The Show ,I was gaming mostly on my PS1,original XBox and Sega system,rocking out on games like World Series Baseball,High Heat etc.I wasn't prepared for the level of realism I was about to be exposed to with The Show 16 .This shock,however,would soon be replaced with utter  rage!

If you haven't played any of the Show's yet,prepare yourself.You'll want to start off on an easier hitting difficulty  before putting your big boy pants on and stepping It up to All-Star,HOF and Legends levels .You'll probably find yourself wanting to move up immediately as the easier difficulty levels can be ,well,too easy.The problem with that Is that the harder levels are so challenging that the game won't be fun anymore.No my friends,much like In real life you will be grinding out at bats,striking out a ton and losing ALOT!And ,again,much like In real life,losing Isn't fun.Not to mention your players stats plummeting to the point of little snowflakes being placed next to their names In the lineups due to them slumping.Pitchers will change speeds on you,fastballs will actually rise and entice you to swing ,that is,when they're not tying you up inside.You'll be swinging and missing  early at change ups  and by the 9th inning , when you find yourself losing 1 to nothing with a total of 3 team hits,you'll want to throw a 98 mph controller.

This past weekend I knew what a real MLB team  felt like after losing 14 games In a row.It was the most games I'd lost consecutively In any sports game ,EVER!I exhibited every negative human emotion  possible  except for crying.In fact,they say crying can be a positive thing and now that I think about It,I probably should have cried a little .It might have helped.My poor dogs had to suffer through sudden outbursts as I shouted out  expletives that even as an adult would have most certainly got me sent to my room.Finally,after binge playing all of Saturday morning,I won an extra inning game In the bottom of the 10th on a Conforto walk off,snapping my 14 game skid.I am now 11.5 games out of first and In last place.I'm not exactly sure If I ever want to play this game again.Frankly,I'ma little frightened at the prospect of another losing streak.Nah,who am I kidding.In fact right after this post I'm gonna fire up the old PS3 and see If I can't get this team on the right track.But first I'm hitting the cages ;)

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